Our Community With God's Blessings and Promises

Flourish in God's Grace

Our Community With God's  Blessings and Promises

Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School (CAPCL) strives to be a Christ-centered, learner-focused, and others-oriented community. The book of Hebrews provides the blueprint to build such a community with God’s blessings and promises. In our attitude toward God,
    • Let us revere the Holy God (4:1)
    • Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart (10: 22)
    • Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence (4:16)
    • Let us be thankful (12:28)
    • Let us offer to God a sacrifice of praise (13:15)

In everything that we do,
    • Let us be diligent (4:12)
 In our relationship with one another,
    • Let us spur one another on toward love and good deeds (10:24)
    • Let us encourage one another (10:25)
 Along the spiritual journey,
    • Let us press on to maturity (6:1)
    • Let us run with perseverance (12:2)
 As witnesses to the outsiders,
    • Let us hold firmly to the faith we profess (4:14)
    • Let us hold to the hope we profess (10:23)
 The apostle Paul does not tell us to be like the body of Christ, but that "you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it" (1 Corinthians 12:27).  The apostle Peter echoes Paul's teaching that "you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession" (1 Peter 2:9a).  It is instructive that Peter does not refer to a chosen person, a single priest, or an individual citizen.  To follow Jesus is to be part of a community. Hence, let us roll up our sleeves, join hands, and build our community as a place where members are able to make use of their gifts and feel validated about their abilities; as a place where members respect, appreciate, and celebrate their differences; as a place where members are delighted to use their talents to serve one another; and as a place where members treasure their sense of belonging, grow and support one another.

Serve One Another

Values of Our Early Learning Communities

Small is beautiful!  At Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School (CAPCL) early learning community, our learners know each other and serve one another. We value to participate – actively and authentically – in the daily decisions of life and living.  We make choices, express ideas, and act upon our daily experiences by asking questions and expressing our opinions. Each member participates and has one's perspectives heard and respected.  Everyone contributes to the community in the ways that they care for and about one another.  Young children can gain awareness, appreciation, and respect for one another when they play and learn in communities that explore questions such as, What is fair? What is equal?  What is equitable? How am I valued?  How do I value and serve others? Understanding, appreciating, and respecting our commonalities and our differences strengthens our community.  We acknowledge that there are many ways to doing, being, living, and learning, and that these differences connect to how people experience and view the world – their social and cultural experience. Deeply connecting with/in our physical world begins with being responsibly playful in nature.  We develop our stewardship of nature and living things through learning and watching and acting and caring about the world, on the ground, in the water, and through the air.

Source Credit: Flight Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework (2014)

Characteristics of Servant Leaders

Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School (CAPCL) emphasizes on servant leadership development in learners. The ten characteristics of CAPCL servant leaders are:


Listening is an attitude and commitment towards understanding self and others. The Chinese character "listening" shows that active listening requires us to listen with our ears, eyes, and heart.


The development of empathy stretches one to step outside of self, to focus on others and their context. It broadens CAPCL learners' perspectives.


A servant leader extends helpful hands to those who are in need.


CAPCL learners are encouraged to develop habits of quietness and reflection, as well as evaluate situations from complementary and contradictory perspectives.


CAPCL learners convince, instead of coerce, others to reach a consensus within teams. They are assertive but not aggressive in their interactions with others.


CAPCL learners are guided by their teachers to develop conceptual thinking and thorough planning strategies.


CAPCL learners evaluate the lessons from the past, the realities of the present, and the likely consequences of a decision for the future.


CAPCL learners make good use of their resources and time to serve others.

Growth Mindset

CAPCL teachers model and instill a growth mindset in students.

Building Community

Individuals find their sense of belonging and identity, and they give and receive support from one another within the CAPCL community.

CAPCL focuses on nurturing learners as mighty learners, citizens, and servant-leaders.

We are Christ Ambassadors

We are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us (2 Corinthians 5:20).

We are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us (2 Corinthians 5:20).