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Frequently Asked Questions

CAPCL — revamped and rejuvenated — focuses on early childhood and primary education and nurtures the potential of every child by providing them with an enhanced campus, a warm and stimulating learning community, immersive bilingual education and Christian character development.

Campus facilities include:

  • 24 Classrooms for preparatory through grade 6
  • Tree House Library
  • CA Makerspace (Science and STEM)
  • Heavenly Studio (Music and Movement)
  • CloudWorks (Creative and Visual Arts)
  • Dreamland (Learning Support)
  • Covered Play Space
  • Indoor Play Space
  • Outdoor Play Space
  • Elevators

School starts in late August and ends in June.

School will start at 8:05 am and finish at 3:25 pm each day.

Yes, we provide school bus services, and the details are available in the Resources section of this website. 

Yes, we are currently planning the after-school activities.

We provide a small early learning community with a small class size. As a result, children learn to cultivate their own ideas, self-awareness, and respect for one another.

The typical class size is around 22 students for lower primary classes and around 24 students for upper primary classes, relatively small in Hong Kong. 

We recruit teachers from around the world. Our teachers meet both the Hong Kong Education Bureau and Alberta-Canada-Education’s teacher certification requirements.

We welcome students of any nationality, race, ethnic origin and religion.

We anticipate that prospective parents who have a Christian faith or prefer a Christian education for their children would be interested in exploring our school.

CAPCL welcomes students of any nationality, ethnic origin and faith. We offer students an excellent academic, social, physical and spiritual environment conducive to their learning and development.

No, there are no such ratios. We welcome students of any nationality, ethnic origin and faith.

The school has a learning support teacher to help students with needs.

Yes, we offer scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

The Alberta Curriculum has a proven track record in delivering excellence.

We follow the Alberta English-Chinese Bilingual model, similar to 13 other schools in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Alberta has 35 years of operating English-Chinese Bilingual Schools. Our graduates will have a competitive edge, with their proficiency in both English and Chinese. We are confident that they will be well equipped to enroll in secondary classes at other local international schools or to continue their education in Canada or overseas.

CAPCL is an Alberta Accredited International School. Alberta Education, an external standard of quality control, conducts on-site evaluation and off-site monitoring processes. These rigorous accreditation requirements give the prospective parents confidence that the school provides quality international education and plans for continued future improvement.

The medium of instruction is approximately 65% English and 35% Chinese (Mandarin with traditional script).

In addition to Chinese lessons, students will study mathematics and one of the specialty subjects using Mandarin. The specialty subjects are art, Bible, health, music and physical education. In addition, we aim to provide ample opportunities for students to practice their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English and Chinese.

CAPCL has made connections with other Christian International Schools.  For more information, feel free to join our school tour to find out more.  Please refer to the School Tour page for schedule.

CAPCL and CAIS are built on six decades of educational excellence in Hong Kong, dating back to 1955 when the Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance (KTAC) opened its first school. In 1992, KTAC set up its first international school, the Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School, in Kowloon City. In 2017, it closed down for a large-scale renovation. CAIS in Butterfly Valley was set up in 2017, and it is the second international school operated by KTAC.